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Dancing instinct is to express rhythm, however it’s the only exercise that’s been shown to dramatically improve overall cognitive functioning and new neural pathways. Memorizing steps in the proper sequence and timing physical movements to the rhythm of music causes the brain to rewire itself and work more efficiently. This resulting in memory and reasoning skills that help your child in many aspects especially with improving their learning skills.

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$200 per month

• Level 2 Ballroom Group Class Monday and Wednesday evenings at 7pm
• 4 Private lessons per month to be used as one lesson per week.
Terms and Conditions:
• Each student is required to attend the group class on monday and wednesday evenings. Also, each student is required to participate in one private lesson a week. If the student is unable to participate in either of these classes for any reason there is no make up session.
• Each class is 45 minutes long. In order to utilize this time to its fullest potential, classes will no longer include a warm up. Students should arrive a minimum of 15 minutes early in order to warm up, stretch, and practice in preparation for the lesson that day.
• Each student registered in a class will be required to participate in both studio showcases in December 2016 and June 2017.
• Children participating in the showcase requires as least one parent or guardian to attend . We will no longer allow parents to drop off their child for the showcase.
• A costume purchase may be required for students participating the showcases. Costumes will be chosen by Studio K, and information regarding where they can be purchased will be given.


Annual Registration Fee Per Child…….$50

10% off on Second Child

Monthly Group Class ………..$100 (2 Classes A Week)
Monthly Group Class ………..$70 (1 Class A Week)
Single Group Class…………….$20

*The More The Merrier Discount*
If a child is enrolled in one ballroom group class and would like to enroll in an additional dance class a $20 discount will be applied to the tuition of the additional dance class

Sign Up & Bring A Friend for Free Applicable to 1 Person
(Annual registration & monthly group class must be paid by registered individual)

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