Screen shot 2016-07-25 at 5.09.48 PMStudio K Dance Center is owned and operated by Marta and Kamil Urbaniak. This 8000 square-foot facility has gleaming chandeliers, state of the art music system, beautiful dance floor, and an atmosphere filled with elegance.
Kamil Urbaniak began ballroom dancing at the age of three. His passion for dance grew stronger and excelled over the years. His training began in Poland and then traveled throughout Europe with worlds best teachers. Kamil attended majority of competitions and events in Europe and Asia. Some of his many achievements in Junior,Youth and Amateur category are:
• Polish champion in standard and 10 dance
• Italian Open Winner
• International London finalist
• Runner up of German Open
• Bronze medalist of World Championship in Standard
• 4th place in World 10 dance championship
Kamil is currently coaching many young dancers and Pro/Am students that are placing on top of the US ranking. Recently, Kamil and his wife Marta joint ventures and opened Studio K Dance Center in Garfield, New Jersey. Their mission statement is to raise strong ballroom dancers and future champions.
Marta began to dance in her early teens, and fell in love immediately. She trained in the U.S with worlds top coaches, and was U.S. Champion. During the World Championships she met Kamil Urbaniak and shortly after, they began to dance together. After sometime competing they both decided to stop competing and share their knowledge of dance with current and future aspiring dancers. Marta was also discovered as a pop artist and worked with Lloyd Remick entertainment attorney, Calvin Gaines and Earl Cohen, producers who produced Lady Gaga’s Paparazzi. She was scheduled to go on a US tour in September 2013. When Marta discovered she was pregnant with her son, she immediately dropped her developing music career and focuses on her growing family.

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